Some workers have gotten to sample work from home for the first time within the last year, and the results have been incredible. A staggering 90% of employers have seen no reduction in productivity, providing a solid foundation for continued remote work post-pandemic.

Remote workers are also committing to this way of life, with a FlexJobs survey finding that 58% of workers who are currently remote would look for another job if they weren’t allowed to continue working from home

If you are settling into a long-term remote career yourself, you need the work from home (WFH) tips that we’ve gathered over our experience here at Work In Progress Las Vegas. Level up your WFH life and see how your productivity and satisfaction continue to grow!

Proactively Connect With Supervisors to Continue Growth

One challenge of a remote career is less face time with your supervisors and other higher-ups. You don’t have to accept this status though: Suggesting remote coffee breaks with your boss to talk about your direction in the company can still create opportunities!

Being proactive about these conversations as well as being direct and keeping things brief can help you to advance in your career. 

You’re demonstrating a willingness to understand how to grow while also showing that your remote work doesn’t undercut your interest in ambitiously pursuing your goals.

Invest Your Commute Savings in Productivity Tools

Is there a gadget or tool that would make your day easier at home? Whether it’s a fast and easy coffee maker, new office supplies, or a comfortable gel pad to add to your keyboard, figure out what might make work from home just that much more comfortable — and invest in it.

If you calculate how much you were spending on commuting before, consider that savings your “WFH Tips budget.” Whenever someone mentions a great item that could help you work from home better, use that information to find something that fits your needs!

Try a Change of Scenery to Boost Both Motivation and Inspiration

Work In Progress Las Vegas is a great haven for freelancers, remote workers, and small business owners. It has both the meeting rooms you need to collaborate and the individual space you need to get in the zone and crank out work. 

Even workers who use their home offices enjoy a change of scenery, and Work in Progress Las Vegas is a great way to dip your toe into the coworking pool. You’ll find that seeing others from a wide range of industries be productive can provide a motivational boost for a long-term remote worker.

Take Advantage of Timing Flexibility For Quality of Life Moves

Whether it’s a long-delayed workout regimen, running loads of laundry, or the chance to sit on your porch and enjoy a cup of coffee in solitude, remember that you can often use work from home to achieve more in your personal life, too. 

While sticking with any timing requirements at your work, you can still make changes: If you can mop during your scheduled lunch break and spend more time with your family later in the day, use that to your advantage! 

Of course, you need to get all your work done — but remember that your off-time is your own, including the time you used to spend stuck in traffic. 

Don’t Feel Stuck: Long-Term Work From Home Means You Can Move!

Have you always daydreamed about moving to an exciting city like Las Vegas? If you’ve negotiated a long-term remote work situation, you don’t have to stay where you are! 

Consider whether now is the time to move if you and any family members you live with can swing a change. By leaving the location-tied job world, you can pick your home based on your favorite elements of the place itself.

Keep Learning and Growing

Looking for more WFH tips? Work in Progress Las Vegas is a great place to meet other WFH career individuals and learn how they make it the best move they’ve ever made. Get to know us today!

Originally posted 2021-11-08 13:19:53.

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