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The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of remote and freelance work that has rendered traditional corporate spaces practically obsolete, replacing them with coworking spaces. These spaces are a new spin on the corporate office setting where individuals and small businesses can rent professional shared working spaces for a daily, monthly, or annual rate.

Coworking spaces have seen incredible growth over the years, totaling more than 23,000 global locations in 2021. That number is expected to grow to 41,975 — increasing nearly 83% — by 2024. Coworking spaces for small businesses give fledgling entrepreneurs access to an affordable space with the amenities and resources they need, especially during the early stages of their ventures.

This quick guide by Work in Progress Las Vegas looks at the benefits of coworking spaces for small businesses. We know business resources are hard to come by, but you don’t have to sacrifice what your business needs for it to succeed. Are coworking spaces the right move for you? Take a look at what a coworking space like Work in Progress Las Vegas can mean for you.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

When you’re starting out with a new business, you need to keep costs low and productivity high while always keeping an eye out for new opportunities. Operating your new business from a coworking space can help you along your path. Here’s how.


Coworking spaces, like Work in Progress Las Vegas, are a great opportunity for small businesses and freelancers to build their business, brand, and expertise without having to shell out thousands of dollars on office space they may not even need in the long term. These spaces give small businesses the short-term commitment they need at affordable and reasonable rates. 

Higher Levels of Productivity 

Small businesses that operate in a coworking space see higher levels of productivity than those that are run out of their homes or coffee shops. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re surrounded by people and things that can derail you at any given moment. Coworking spaces give you and your business a professional zone to work in, making you feel like you’re part of a broader community.

Unforeseen Opportunities

When you’re surrounded by business-minded professionals, you can build connections and bonds that you wouldn’t experience if you were working out of a Sin City-based coffee shop, for example. Since working spaces are professional shared spaces, you can run into another small business owner whose business you could benefit from and vice versa. There’s no telling where a casual conversation in a Las Vegas coworking space, for instance, can take you.

How To Use Coworking Spaces as a Small Business

Many coworking spaces offer amenities built to support small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. These amenities include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 access
  • Open, private, and meeting spaces
  • Mail services
  • Kitchen space
  • And plenty more

Amenities like these make it possible for small business owners to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently. Your business can even rely on the coworking space to become a spot for the recruitment of future employees. With the increase in freelance work, you could easily find someone to write copy or design a website for you just one desk away. 

Finding the Right Coworking Space

Finding the right space for your business will depend on what your business needs are, what you need to run the venture, and what you’re willing to pay. Take the time to research your local area and what’s available to you. Your search may be online where you can see pictures of the spaces, but if you can tour a space, do it. This lets you see what the space feels like, looks like, and how it all works. 

When you’re narrowing down coworking spaces that may be right for you, pay special attention to any additional or hidden costs and fees. You might have to pay extra for printing, parking, or other amenities. Are these costs something that you’re willing to overlook or should you look elsewhere? Once you’ve found a place you love, take a trial period to see if it’s all it’s chalked up to be. It may look nice, but will it work for what your small business needs?

It’s All a Work in Progress

Coworking spaces for small businesses are all the rage now and Work in Progress Las Vegas is here to answer the call. We have all sorts of amenities that are made to help and grow small businesses from the ground up while fostering incredible work ethics and productivity. Las Vegas coworking may be the next step for you, so contact us today to schedule a tour to see for yourself what kind of success you can build.

Originally posted 2022-01-10 10:34:00.

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