Work in Progress Las Vegas (or WIP, as the community loves to call it) is the original coworking space in the city, offering open desks and meeting, team, and private spaces for those who wish to reap the sweet benefits of a coworking space.

WIP is not just about a desk and chair, however. Workers can enjoy a kitchen, lounge area, mail services, and even mentorships, where some of the brightest minds in the city offer their wisdom to startups and entrepreneurs. So who exactly is using these awesome spaces, and why should you? 

Benefits of Using a Coworking Space

There are plenty of benefits of using a coworking space: 

  • Build your network: Working alongside other independent workers offers you the opportunity to meet other cool and like-minded people, especially during fun community events like pitch nights hosted by WIP. 
  • Increased productivity and focus: Let’s be honest — if you work at home, you can get easily distracted, either by other people or that TV show you’ve become addicted to. Being in a professional setting away from all the hoopla helps sharpen your focus and motivation.  
  • Cost-effectiveness: No one enjoys rigid office space leases full of hidden fees. Coworking spaces cut down on all the financial nonsense so that you only pay for the time you use. 
  • A structured day: When you’re working at home, the line between work and free time can get blurry. For example, you may be tempted to respond to your emails in bed. Going to a coworking space to work helps you separate the work from the fun stuff. 

4 Types of People Who Use a WIP Coworking Space 

So now you know why coworking is awesome — but who uses coworking spaces? There are a few different kinds of people you can expect to meet at WIP.

1. Remote Workers

You guessed it — remote workers make up a big share of coworking space users. Rather than dealing with distractions at home or the local coffee shop, remote workers can enjoy a more professional (and quiet) working area.  

2. Startups

Startups love coworking spaces, especially if they’re beginning their venture on a tight budget. Coworking spaces like WIP offer flexible prices while providing the same services as the typical office rental — though with better perks (ping pong, anyone?). 

3. Conventional Office Workers  

This one might seem surprising, but many conventional office workers rent meeting or conference offices at a coworking place. Why? Besides getting away from the humdrum of their everyday office, coworking spaces are ideal, refreshing places to host special meetings, events, or conferences for employees and clients alike. 

4. Travelers

Lastly, travelers who are in town for a few days often find refuge in a coworking space. Instead of working from a cramped hotel room, they can take care of their business in a more comfortable area — and even network with the locals!

Come See What You’re Missing at WIP Las Vegas

Coworking spaces boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

As you can see, workers from just about any industry and background can find their work home at a coworking space like Work in Progress Las Vegas. By working in a more professional work atmosphere than the den at home and mingling with like-minded creatives, a coworking space can elevate your work experience like never before. 

Originally posted 2021-10-10 10:04:00.

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