Frequently Asked Questions

Some people are curious as to how things work around Work in Progress. Hopefully these answers will help soothe your soul.

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Would I be able to set up a router connection to access my secure company network?

In order to accommodate as many members as possible, we try to limit any changes to the network that may disrupt others. If you have special network requirements please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you, but we can’t make any promises.router connection

What’s there to eat around here?

There are a ton of places to eat around WIP! Click here for a longer list.what to eat in downtown las vegas

Is WIP dog-friendly?

We are a dog-friendly coworking space. Dogs must be approved by WIP management in advance. If another member is allergic or if any issues arise then we may have to revoke the privilege.dog-friendly office space in las vegas

Is WiFi secure?

Our WiFi is secure. 🔐WiFi secure

Can I rent a meeting room for just a couple of hours?

Of course! Our rental rates are by the hour. If you’d like to reserve a room, just head over to our user portal and you can do so right away.las vegas off-site meeting room 004

May I bring guests to work with me?

Guests are welcome to join you for one or two hours if you are working on a shared project; otherwise, they will have to get a Day Pass. Guests are not permitted after business hours. Guests have to be with the accompanying member at all times, they can not stay in the coworking areas without the member they came with.Find a Coworking Space in Las Vegas

Where do I park?

Both of our locations offer plenty of free parking, along with paid covered parking options.work in progress downtown parking

How fast is the WiFi?

Our WiFi is powered by Cox Fiber 100/100 on a Meraki network. It is super fast and reliable. It’s hard to say the upload/download speed as it does vary throughout the day, but most members experience regular speeds of at least 50mb download and 50mb upload speeds. The internet speeds are not guaranteed.How fast is the WiFi

Is WIP a part of Zappos or the Downtown Project?

Not anymore. Downtown Project started revitalizing the Downtown Las Vegas area around 2013 and helped build Work in Progress. They sold the business to a new owner in 2014. WIP has since been sold a second time and is now operated by a team completely unaffiliated with the Downtown Project or Zappos.downtown project zappos