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Craig Pickett is a proven team leader in accounting and finance roles through his experience as a CFO and Interim CFO across multiple companies. Craig’s background originated at EY in its assurance practice in the Bay Area. Craig has a proven track record at accelerating and streamlining financial close processes, implementing systems, creating financial and non-financial procedures and process, budgeting, and financial statement analysis.

Craig is currently a COO for a professional services company, CG Manage Services, that consults and contracts with early stage growth companies to assist them with their accounting and financial needs. Craig is responsible for developing out the new practice and help design and implement processes and technology to add efficiencies to expedite growth.

Prior to joining CG Managed Services, Craig worked as the CFO at JusTours, a company providing technology in the group travel space. During his 4 years at JusTours, Craig led the company into profitability by restructuring the entire organization and streamlining all operation and financial processes. Prior to leaving JusTours, Craig led the company through a $25 million acquisition to a Venture-backed technology company based out of London.

Throughout Craig’s career, he has had the opportunity to work with EY’s most prestigious pre IPO companies, work as a venture capitalist, sit as an interim CFO for multiple companies and has personally founded many companies and had the opportunity to sell many of those companies. Craig has a proven track record of leading teams to find creative solutions to complex problems that arise in the ever-changing business landscape.

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