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Working from a startup hub has its perks. Our awesome Las Vegas mentors are one of them. Contact the front desk to reserve time! Non-members can also take advantage of our awesome deals by purchasing a single day pass on the day of mentoring!

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You might recognize Kenny Eliason as one of the co-owners of Work in Progress. What you might not know is that he’s also the founder of NeONBRAND Digital Marketing, the Big Cheese at #VegasTech, a mentor for the UNLV School of Entrepreneurship, and a leader in the local startup community. Kenny offers free training each month at his SEO and Social Media Meetups, and he’s been closely involved in a wide variety of events like Startup Weekend, WordCamp WordPress conferences, and TEDx Las Vegas events.

Who Should Sign Up?

You’ll get the most out of your time with Kenny if you are an individual, startup, or existing business looking for help with:

  • Using Search Engine Optimization for marketing
  • Creating or optimizing a social media marketing campaign
  • Using or building in WordPress
  • Troubleshooting tricky or unique logistical problems for your company
  • Succeeding and thriving as a scrappy startup

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6060 Elton Ave Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Phone: 702-906-2323

Centennial Hills

6605 Grand Montecito Pkwy, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89149
Phone: 702-906-2323

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