Kurt Wankier

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Kurt Wankier is a co-owner of Work in Progress, the CEO of NeONBRAND Digital Marketing, and the brains behind iSee Metryx practice management software. With a business degree in finance, Kurt has a head for numbers.

He has worked with the Small Business Administration consulting with small companies, honed his analytical skills with Fitch IBCA, led companies in a variety of industries to success, and founded both the College Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) and Envision Management & Marketing.

Years of experience have made Kurt adept at translating raw data into valuable business insights.

Schedule a session with Kurt if you’re looking for help with any of the following:

  • Creating your business plan
  • Designing and executing a plan for business growth
  • Identifying potential problems that are hurting your profitability
  • Tracking and interpreting your business metrics
  • Aligning strategy, operations, and business goals