Working from home? Get out of the house!

We are now offering a “Once-a-Week” membership!

Do you find yourself working at home and need somewhere to go every once in a while?

Come Once-a-Week for only $49.95 a month!

With the foreseeable future looking like a work-from-home environment, most businesses will never go back to a traditional office space. Some of us will still need somewhere to go every once in a while!

Many employers will even pay for your membership!

Our new “Once-a-Week” membership is perfect for you!

When you sign up for our once-a-week membership you can stop by our office up to 5 times per month (slightly more than once a week).

To get started, choose your desired location below and register for an account, and then lock in your membership!

We also have other memberships to fit almost every work-from-home scenario. You can view our other memberships here:

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