Shared workspaces have become popular alongside increasing remote work. Many companies are closing in-person offices because they’ve realized their staff don’t need to be on-site to do their jobs. While this has many benefits — no commute, no supervisor hovering over your shoulder, unlimited snacks — working from home also has its drawbacks. Families, pets, and easy access to entertainment can interrupt your work.

The solution? Coworking spaces. These shared offices give people a place that is designated for work, without forcing them to commute on a set schedule.

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Who Uses a Shared Workspace?

Shared workspaces give people of all professions a way to focus on their work with way fewer distractions. They also feature many of the amenities of working in a traditional office — printer access, coffee, reliable wifi, social community, and professional meeting spaces. But you don’t have to work a typical desk job for coworking spaces to be useful. Artists and creatives are finding more and more that coworking spaces give them the freedom, inspiration, and tools they need to do what they do best.

What Can Creatives Get From Coworking?

A shared workspace for artists is more than a desk. There are many benefits to using a coworking space for your creative projects.

Fresh Inspiration

Any artist knows that inspiration is all around us, but we see the inside of our own homes so much it can often become little more than white noise for the creative mind. Joining a shared workspace gives you a jolt of inspiration in the form of fresh, friendly faces and a new environment to explore.

Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are great for networking. Artists often have to spread the word about their own projects in order to gain any traction, and with the constantly rotating cast of a coworking space, there’s no end to the potential connections you could make. Coworking spaces also have meeting rooms where you can engage with clients or other artists in a more professional environment.

New Projects

Coworking spaces are, of course, great for getting actual work done. Taking your latest project to your shared workspace can give you the space and tools you need to complete your masterpiece. Shared workspaces are especially great for digital artists, because they provide reliable internet access, a desk, and a power supply for your computer, away from the distractions of your home or your local coffee shop.

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Working from home can often be difficult because we associate our homes with relaxing, making it hard to focus when the time comes. While setting aside designated office space in your home can alleviate some of that, not everyone has the space or resources to do so. Even if you have a designated home office or studio, interruptions abound. Keeping a separate workspace away from home can allow you to compartmentalize so that when you’re in your workspace, your mind is in work mode, and you can reserve your home for relaxing.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with Work In Progress

Work In Progress provides a shared workspace for artists with a variety of membership options to fit your needs, ranging from drop-in passes to 24/7 access. Think of it like a gym membership for your career. Check out our services or schedule a tour to see if our coworking spaces are right for you.

Originally posted 2022-11-02 10:00:00.

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