At Work In Progress, we know how important it is to have a quiet, professional space where you can focus and get work done. Whether you’ve been working from home and things have gotten chaotic with your kids running around, you plan on traveling to Las Vegas and need a workspace for a few days, or you operate a business and need flexible office space to hold meetings and events, we’ve got you covered. 

Still not sure if Work In Progress (WIP) is the right flexible office space for you? Here are four reasons why it’s worth giving us a try.  

1.  Modern Office Spaces That Give You Everything You Need

Our goal is to give you everything you need to get things done efficiently. We know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have a dedicated workspace with the right equipment. That’s why we’ve set up coworking areas and private spaces to suit your preferences.

Our private spaces provide perks like a large flat-screen TV and dedicated desks, and our open spaces let you enjoy benefits like speedy, secure Wi-Fi and private phone rooms. Either way, you’re sure to feel relaxed and ready to knock everything off your to-do list as soon as you arrive — we’ve taken care of everything. 

2.  Multiple Kitchen Spaces to Refuel ‌

For a lot of people, one of the nice things about working from home is their kitchen. When you need a quick snack or want to take a break to make a fresh lunch, it’s all just a few steps away. We get it, it’s hard to leave that behind and trade it in for a tiny microwave in a break room. 

At WIP, you’ll have access to more than one kitchen space where you’ll find a fridge, toaster, microwave, toaster oven, ice machine, espresso machine, and Keurig machine. Plus, when you want to leave the office to grab a bite, we’re conveniently located close to a long list of restaurants. Ah, the best of both worlds! 

3.  Go to Work Whenever You Want — Really

Are you a night owl who prefers burning the midnight oil? Or do you find that you focus better in the evening? Perhaps you like starting your day in the early morning hours before everyone else wakes up? 

At WIP, you can follow whatever schedule you prefer because you’ll get 24/7 access to our spaces, along with free parking day or night. The unlimited brewed coffee and hot tea will be waiting!  

4.  Bring Your Pup to Work with You

We know how important pets can be, and some animals experience anxiety when their owners aren’t home. If you’ve grown accustomed to having your companion nearby while you work, it might be hard to transition back to going to the office solo. 

If you hate the idea of leaving your best furry friend at home or you just prefer their company while getting things done, you can get approved to bring your dog to WIP. Just don’t be surprised when everyone wants to come by and say hi to your cute buddy. 

Come Check Out Work In Progress Las Vegas!‌

We love standing out and doing things a little differently at Work In Progress to make sure you’re happy. If you’d like to see our Centennial Hills or Downtown spaces and learn more about the benefits we provide, schedule a tour to have all of your questions answered. And feel free to contact us anytime, whether you need space for just one day or for the foreseeable future. 

Originally posted 2021-08-22 13:27:00.

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