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Since the existence of cafes, working from cafes has been a thing. Writers like T.S. Elliot, Earnest Hemmingway, and Gertrude Stein praised coffee shops as a fantastic place to write. You’ve inevitably come across individuals in cafes working diligently at their laptops, sipping caffeinated beverages. But why do coffee shops make such great workspaces, and is there an equivalent alternative?

Benefits of Working From a Cafe

With the 2020 pandemic stifling office productivity worldwide, many sought alternative workspaces outside of their home. Many employees and entrepreneurs find that they work well in a cafe setting. Here’s why.

1. Cafes Stimulate Creativity

Some would attribute this to the atmosphere. Some would say it’s the abundance of high-end caffeinated beverages. Some would insist that cafes offer a certain je ne sais quoi.

Whatever the explanation, many claim to find creativity in their work while at a cafe that they don’t find at home or in the office.

2. Cafes Offer a Sense of Community

In the post-pandemic world, workers are seeking a better work-life balance. Many discovered that the closed-in world of an office lacked a critical desire: community. 

As patrons come and go, workers who work from cafes feel like they are part of their community, rather than being separated from it by office walls.

Benefits of Working at a Coworking Space

Cafes and coworking spaces both offer the benefits of creativity and community. Members come and go from a coworking space, lending a sense of interaction with a worker’s community. At the same time, cafes and coworking spaces offer similar creative atmospheres with their design and lively yet focused energies. However, coworking spaces offer some additional benefits.

1. Coworking Spaces Are More Focused

Coworking spaces are just for that: working. Cafes have more distractions. It’s easier for you to focus on your work in a setting designed to offer the freedom of cafes yet the focus of a library.

2. Coworking Spaces Are Better for Networking

You can meet people and network at a cafe. But the majority of people who come through aren’t looking to meet potential business partners; they’re in search of a mocha and pastry.

Coworking spaces host individuals that want to talk about their business and hear about yours.

The Coworking Space Difference

Both cafes and coworking spaces are great for working outside of the office or house. With customers coming and going, cafes are better for the casual worker. Those who want the same sense of creativity and community but a more focused environment could benefit from a coworking space.Work in Progress is the best coworking space in Las Vegas. We are conveniently located downtown and offer all the trimmings of a cafe without the distractions. Members at Work in Progress enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi, bottomless brewed coffee, kitchen amenities, and much more. We even offer services such a mentorship and community events. Check us out and see the difference that Work in Progress can make for you.

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