The shift in office-based jobs over the past two years has been huge. Where many roles were presumed to need in-office collaboration pre-pandemic, remote work revealed that both job satisfaction and effectiveness went up for many workers. 

Now, many remote workers can live where they want, using either a home office or a coworking space as their home base for work. 

Coworking spaces are shared office environments that often include a mix of open floor plans with desks, private offices, audio-visual equipped rooms for meetings, and more. There are also amenities available like beverages and programming, and events organized for members.

Coworking spaces are experiencing a surge in popularity as companies offer more options for remote workers who don’t want to go to their company-run office each day but who enjoy the amenities and camaraderie provided by the coworking environment.

Gartner predicts that 51% of workers will work remotely by the end of this year. This is a staggering statistic when remote work was much less common only two years ago.  

For those who love WFH or coworking in the Las Vegas area and want to access both local and global job opportunities, there is more potential than ever before to retain remote work status long-term. 

Given the way winds of change are blowing into 2022, there are many reasons to look into Las Vegas coworking. These are a few benefits of coworking and some of the most important work-from-home trends that are likely to impact your choice of how and where to work.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

While many work-from-home jobs require minimal equipment, many remote workers find that the benefits of coworking spaces offer the perfect blend of the freedom of home and the amenities of an office. Benefits include:

  • Choice of desk and office space
  • Choice of working in a large room with others or a private space
  • Distance from home and household concerns
  • Fewer workplace distractions
  • Shared amenities like printers, coffee or tea service, etc.
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Networking opportunities with workers from other industries

1. Hiring shortage facilitates negotiating remote work

After extreme hiring shortages in early to mid-2021, many companies are seeing a second wave of shortages. 

This time, it’s being called “The Great Resignation,” a secondary effect where workers who previously stuck with imperfect jobs are emboldened to job hunt because of all the ‘help wanted’ signs they’re seeing. As a result, many companies are seeing a lot of turnover.

New hires now have room to negotiate perks like remote work when coming on board. This is turning some temporary work-from-home arrangements into a permanent feature.

What does this mean for Las Vegas coworking? Expect to see a more vibrant variety of workers in 2022 in coworking spaces, as more workers prove they can do a great job while working remotely.

2. New routines include both in-person and remote workers

One of the big shifts in the past six months has been refining the tools that made all-remote collaboration possible and choosing technological solutions that work for hybrid meetings and events. This means an online/virtual connection and a lively in-person discussion or agenda, all working together.

Remote workers may find that they occasionally want a meeting space that is A/V equipped. Las Vegas coworking space Work in Progress offers rentable or subscription meeting room options.

This solution is likely to become more common in both small, all-remote companies and larger companies that occasionally need to interface with a local group of in-person workers. Coworking spaces provide the flexibility needed to address new work-from-home trends like meetings that must include both in-person and remote workers.

3. Hybrid schedules become more common

As more people lock in a full-time remote or hybrid schedule for the long-term, many are realizing they don’t actually want to work from home. It’s hard to get that separation from household needs and duties, but at the same time, going back to the office with your coworkers may not be the right fit either.

As a result, having a third place, a working space that isn’t necessarily right next to your boss’s office, is becoming a valuable option. 

Use Coworking to Achieve Work From Home Success in 2022

With so much changing so quickly, Las Vegas coworking has provided the ability to scale up and scale down workers’ subscriptions so that they can have the amenities they need without paying for things they don’t use. 

Now is the time to get ahead of the trend and find where you do your best work. The coworking trends 2022 will likely be a big ramp-up in people who choose coworking spaces as their third space.

Originally posted 2021-11-12 10:00:00.

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